Corporate Compliance is a Competitive Advantage

In spite of compliance is not a new topic, now it is more and more important because of major new laws, such as the reform of the Criminal Code and the introduction of criminal liability of companies in Spanish law.

Proficient advocates advise corporate compliance programs to avoid fines and penalties.

Compliance has a lot of advantages, so if your company implements a Corporate Compliance program has more chances of winning other companies. Read more “Corporate Compliance is a Competitive Advantage”

Best practices to prevent corruption in your business

The corruption scandals uncovered in the world lately have increased the interest of the companies to take measures to avoid the violation of the law.

Today, entrepreneurs are more aware and hire more legal advice to avoid corruption.

Then you can read the best practices that your company can execute to prevent corruption in your business. Read more “Best practices to prevent corruption in your business”

Why is compliance becoming so important in business?

It is very important in an organization to have a department for legalizing the actions of the business. Having this legal department ensures that there are not going to be scars and other costs as fines or lawsuits with the tax authorities.

Signing in a corporate compliance program can help a company to become impeccable on its acts and actions. For this reason, it is important to contact compliance specialists and ensure full compliance with legal obligations.

In this essay, we are going to show the benefits of hiring a compliance service in a company.

More Control. Due to the implementation of a compliance program in your company, you will exercise a greater control of your company and you will be able to analyze all the departments and predict risks. Therefore, you will be able to solve them on time.

Reliability and good image. A sustainable and solvent company is always valued and sustainability generates confidence in customers. Compliance is also a guarantee to do business with banks, public administrations and insurers.

Internationalization. Companies that goes abroad are almost required to develop a program to ensure compliance. The international trade demands this program to the companies.

Limit criminal liability. When a company has a compliance program gets to minimize the possibilities of committing illegal actions, and this is one of the main fears of businesspeople. The National Competition Market Commission (CNMC) has reduced the fine imposed by 5% if the company has a compliance program after an infringement is known.

Quality employees. People prefer working in reliable, cost-effective and transparent companies than opaque organizations.
As a summary, we defend that being part of a corporate compliance program, in many aspects, is so positive for the welfare of those companies who are already working according to this program.

Compliance is one of the most fashionable words in the business world, and it can save your business from having to pay a good amount of money for committing a corporate crime. Do not take the risk and try the program, you and your company will feel the benefits.